Ball Moss Removal

Ball Moss Removal in San Antonio TX

Safely Remove Ball Moss

What is it exactly? Ball moss is a non-parasitic plant that grows on the surface of trees such as the leaves and branches. It won’t eat away at the tree, but it does feed on high moisture and as it grows, it creates shade for the limbs beneath it. Because of this, the lower part of the tree suffers from lack of sunlight and cannot thrive as much. 

Controlling ball moss on your own isn’t easy, which is why it’s important to call the professionals at Republic Tree Service. As certified arborists, we know how to safely and effectively remove the ball moss and help prevent it from coming back in the future. Simply spraying a harmful chemical on your tree will not do the job and can actually hurt the rest of the tree, which is why we carefully remove the ball moss using a different technique.

Call Us For Ball Moss Assistance

With the help of Republic Tree Service, your trees will be looking and growing in a healthy way once again. We serve the great residents of San Antonio, TX and always make sure their trees are beautiful and green.

To get started on ball moss removal, give us a call today!

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