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Stump Grinding & Tree Trimming Services in San Antonio

Looking for professional tree services in San Antonio? Look no further than Republic Tree Service.

Tree removal is necessary at times to eliminate safety concerns from dead and/or dying trees. Other reasons why a tree may be removed include the need for more space or sunlight for other plants/trees & the prevention of  structural interference during new construction.

Tree Trimming

Regular tree trimming/cleaning is necessary to help maintain the health of a tree. This process entails removing dead and dying branches as well as limbs that may cause safety hazards. It also involves lifting the canopy of the tree over your yard, roof,  sidewalk, driveway, and road.


Cabling and bracing trees provides structural support to help reduce the risk of failure of weak branches.

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Tree Inspection

Property owners can receive inspections on trees showing signs of distress and decline. While it is not always possible to save a tree, our professionals can provide you with tools that may help the tree regain its health and flourish.

Clearing unwanted trees and underbrush may be necessary for the overall health of the plants/trees on a property and to make room for new construction. Additionally, it can help add beauty to a property cluttered by an undesirable landscape. Normally, mulch from the removed trees and plants is left behind to help prevent erosion and create a source of water for the remaining trees/plants.

Storm Damage

Broken and fallen trees and/or branches cause health and safety concerns for the public. Sometimes, simple measures taken to treat trees or remove debris eliminates these concerns. In some cases, more intense work must be done to remove hazards created by storms and other natural disasters.



"Scott and his crew did a wonderful job trimming a large oak in my small garden home yard! They arrived when they said they would, were fast, efficient, and cleaned the yard very nicely. Scott was great to work with, and his crew were all very nice and were pleased that I was happy! I highly recommend them!"- Ida Cuthbertson, Review Location: Angie's List

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